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Game fowl, Fishing, Family, Friends.

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Country, Classic Rock, Blues

Favorite Movies
The Green Mile The Shootist Rooster Gogburn

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Bible Oriental Gamefowl

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Newton's Law

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Retired nurseryman, farmer... game fowl enthusiast.

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Jan 8th 2020

jimmy g, Thank you for excecting my friend request.You ever fooled with any Cubalaya bantums? I would like to get some for my grandson.....Rufus

Jan 7th 2020

JBrock, Thanks for responding. Right now, I have 2 familys of Dark Asils.Can't say for their gameness, still unproven. Untill, I can say for sure, they are just dark Asil. Nice-looking bird you have there on your page, JB!..... Rufus

Jan 6th 2020
Hello Rufus what type of Asil do you raise my friend ?
Jan 6th 2020

Hi, name is Rufus. Looking for friends here on Asil Club. I don't get on Facebook, local athorities here use to gather infomation. Folks, WE are not as free as we think. Anyway... Hope things are better for you. Live in the S. East U. S., like to talk game chickens, always learning. Starting over with Asils (only),