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Jan 12th 2020
Hello friends, I want to apologize for not visiting my page much and not noticing some of your comments and questions.
Hello friend Bob, I do have a lot of birds they are my pets I name most of them and my lines have been with me on my yard for many years.
I really donít do anything special for them, in fact sometimes I feel that I donít do enough for them.
When I choose the breeding pairs I usually just make sure they are in good health, I deworm them using ivermectin ( few drops) in the mouth depending on the birdís weight. I spray them to make sure they have no bugs ( I use frontline spray for puppies and kittens)
I feed my all my birds a high quality gamecock mix and to that I add sunflower seed and in the winter I increase the corn, I donít use laying pellets I feed only grain. If I want to increase the protein I do add pigeon conditioning feed.
I do give fresh garlic in a weekly basis
I hope I was able to address your questions and if there is anything else I can help with please let me know
God bless and best regards
Jan 12th 2020

Hi Nasser,

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request.

Please share some of your breading secrets and also what do you do for the cock birds / hen birds before getting them into breading condition. I mean what supplements you give them?

Also I must say your birds just look great, keep up the hard work. How much time do you spend with them, you have so much of them how do you split up your time for all of them, I'm sure its not possible for you to handle all of them in one day.

I'm sorry for asking so much questions in my first mail to you.

Any ways thank you for all your time, big God bless to you.

Also is a little info about me, I'm from India and I have been into this keeping birds for a couple of years, but with little luck.  To be honest I am still to learn all the tricks of the trade simple as that.

Thank you,




Jul 30th 2019
Mr Saab, your Asil import Bull is excellent type. Tight muscular heavy shanks and clear white eyes. What can you tell us about his breeding? Iím very interested in this birds bloodline.
Jul 23rd 2019
Hello friend Peyman, you are very kind
Hope you are doing well with your top class birds
Regards !
Jul 23rd 2019
Nassrer sepnd hole life for birds he know we have to lern more from him i hope one day visit my farm to and ،،،،lhe likes or not but nasser lovley
Jul 23rd 2019
Hi nasser u are master we are happey u here long time i was not for u know but tech peple pls regards 🙏
Jun 30th 2019
Thank you my friend , it is nice to be missed.
I always check in and look at everyoneís beautiful birds,
Just have not had a chance to take any pictures
Thank you !!
Jun 30th 2019
Welcome back Nasser Saab. We missed your knowledge and exceptional birds!
Mar 21st 2018
Hello looking for a small Brazilian rooster 5 1\2 pounds if you could help me out please do thanks love all of your birds
Feb 18th 2017

Hi Nick,

I do know you raise a lot of Asil, I am looking for a big Asil cock or stag that about 6 lbs mature with hard hitting and game, medium to high station. I like to use him to cross with my American hens.  Do you have one for sale Nick.  Thanks.


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